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Price of Peace

Do you find it odd that even in a world filled with seemingly more chaos, you have found more peace inside of you?

You know you’ve paid the price for this peace.

It’s not anything that can be measured out there, no certificate or plaque, no million dollars or followers. - and you realize none of that matters.

How liberating.

At times you may still wobble and let yourself feel guilty for standing up for your needs, leaving behind social norms and putting yourself first, for putting your inner peace first.

You’ve likely disappointed others in saving yourself and this hurts you at times, or at least it has.

The guilt, shame, doubt, pain.... let it all go.

For you, for me and the greatest good of all, this is truly sustained ‘success’ and what humanity is longing for.

Continue to honour the price you have paid and know you are worth every cent.

Remember the point of success is to relish in the essence of who you truly are, and to shine and share that as a reminder to others of what is possible when we claim our true worth.

There is no price tag for peace. You know that it is your birthright and what we are all here ‘fighting’ for. You know it’s not actually a fight but the greatest act of self-love. Awareness, compassion, tough lessons, inner work and standing up for your needs.

You know that peace isn’t a destination you arrive at, you know it’s a stance to continually choose.

You know everyone is looking for this peace and that the only way to find it is within. Nothing to prove, nothing to show for and nothing to control or hoard.

You know that act is the only way to bring peace on earth.

Celebrate your success and the collective success for what’s possible in this life time.

Have you found more peace since the world’s gone crazy? Let me know I’d love to hear from you and possibly interview you in my podcast - Speak from the Root.


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