Relationship Perspective

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I don’t believe relationships ever really end.

They are an energetic system.

And as we know from physics, energy is always transforming and moving in and out of form.

Even as one passes from the physical into the non-physical, a relationship can flourish if both consciously choose to remain connected.

The only time a relationship becomes 'toxic', and therefore we make the choice to 'end' it, is when we don’t allow (and control) the relationship dynamic from taking its natural organic evolving course.

And the only reason we would use the word 'toxic' is because it has become inauthentic.

The benefit however to remaining in an inauthentic relationship is to give us a sense of safety and connection (unknowingly false) about what the world is and how we work in it. It keeps us in the zone of comfort. This works, until it doesn't.

This inauthenticity in an outer relationship is simply a reflection of the inauthenticity within ourselves and the call to expand and grow, which usually has a degree of uncomfortableness :)

This is the idea behind understanding non-attachment and the importance of letting go of control. In this space we can allow ourselves to grow outside of 'toxicity', outdated labels, patterns, beliefs and bias.