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Resonance Sells. The Consumer is the Authority

Resonance sells.

This is about the energetics of how to decide who to hire or invest in.

The new way of marketing, selling and leading is entirely holistic and it starts inside yourself.

This is flow /be pulled. Vs Control/push.

You will be pulled to work with, collaborate, hire or invest based off resonance. Ie. ‘aligned energy’ more than metrics or linear logic in this new world.

The new world requires us to follow our intuition…. However illogical.

And this is where it can be tricksy… because You may feel like you followed your intuition in the past and it lead you to some shite experiences and/or feeling betrayed.

And now your not sure who to trust or if you can even trust yourself.

I’ve been there - but the important thing to understand about intuition is that it’s not supposed to always lead you to pleasurable experiences. It’s there to lead your growth, and sometimes it’s through pain and challenges.

It doesn’t mean you were wrong or misguided.

Trust starts with yourself. You know you have a strong intuitive voice inside. Its pulling you to level up! It always has and it always will.

If you are looking for a guide or mentor to show you the ‘right’ way - you will be disappointed.

In the new world we need to look for guides that uplift our frequency and help us find our own unique way!

This is true of life and business.

The playing field has been levelled. Big numbers and outside metrics are becoming less relevant.

Frequency is the new currency and you, the consumer are the authority.

Trust what you feel. The heart knows what the soul needs. It Might not be what the mind thinks it wants.

Comment if you agree or found this a helpful reminder.



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