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Shine in highly transformational times

Is it possible to align & shine even when your heart feels busted or broken open with what’s going on in the world, or in your personal life.

I believe the answer is yes & finding your new voice with support & guidance can be the difference.

Often busted & bursting go together!

It seems to me we are in for a bit more of a roller coaster ride for a few years as a new unknown world emerges.

More transformation in our consciousness has occurred in the past 12 months than ever before.

It can be painful and scary. It can also be powerful & beautiful.

I have found in my own heart ache that creativity and serving others is the best balm!

I have also found that aligning to those who have similar values & vision is essential.

Using technology mindfully can actually be a great opportunity for connection, change, empowerment & freedom.

Your voice, experience and heart are so needed for a culture navigating massive transformation.

It is our creative expression & passion for what we do that pull us through challenging times.

Developing the skill to use video for your business or community is key for future growth, even if you don’t yet have a Biz.

I’m bringing my 20 plus years experience with video & social media to this container along with all my other experience in Biz & transformation.

In the past I’ve guided groups through fitness programs, body love workshops, mindfulness workshops, video & social media business classes.

Align & Shine is a Live online 8 week group container meant to inspire your momentum to shine confidently on camera & find your authentic voice for the digital world!

Feel free to dm if you have any questions. Register here -



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