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The Gift of Simplicity: Gene Key 23 Contemplation

Are you overcomplicating your life?

Gene Key 23 invites us to reflect on the decisions that add complexity and anxiety to our daily existence, pushing us away from serenity and a surrendered approach to life.

In this video, I dive deep into these themes, sharing a personal story that highlights the struggle between mind and heart. Discover how simplifying your life by honoring your body and soul’s wisdom—as equals with your mind—can lead to profound transformations.

A perfect example of this journey is portrayed in our upcoming episode on The WeShip YouTube Channel. Premiering this Sunday, May 12th, ‘Pre RV Life Story: Expansion’ captures my real-time struggle to embrace a decision my heart had been calling for years.

“Complexity is the result of the human mind trying to control its environment. The more humans try to use their minds to create a feeling of security in the world, the more complicated and unsafe the world becomes.” - Gene Key 23

Link to The WeShip video in the comments, I’d love for you to subscribe to support my art & for a reminder about Sunday’s premiere.

Let’s explore how simplifying can actually expand our horizons!



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