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The Heart of Simplicity

Are you creating more simplicity in your life despite what your mind might have to say?

‘The mind does not trust simplicity because it thrives on complexity.’ - GeneKey 23

Today is the last day transiting the theme of Gene key 23 - The Alchemy of Simplicity

‘The more complicated something is, the more the mind can think about it.’

The wild thing is that without awareness we make decisions in life that feed the mind's love for complexity - when most of us truly desire ease and simplicity in our life.

It requires great courage and discipline to surrender to the heart, and often allow the mind to scream and shout.

With time we learn the mind does not have power over us. We learn the heart has more power, more beauty and yes more simplicity.

We are evolving as a species away from mind/head 1st navigating and towards heart/emotion/gut navigation. It often takes us in very different directions than we ever ‘thought’ possible!

What an exciting time to be alive!



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