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The Path of the Entrepreneur is not for everyone!

The path of an entrepreneur or business owner is not for everyone.

The lifestyle sounds nice. Set your own hours, Create your own structure, have more freedom.

The truth is - the path of the entrepreneur is the deepest self development & spiritual journey you will take. That is if you keep leaning in & saying yes.

Many quit.

I’ve wanted to quit many times. I have in many moments given up. Looked for a ‘real Job’. Surrendered… & from that space kept getting pulled back to the path.

5 years ago I decided to start my 1st social media ‘tv’ channel. This first pic is me capturing highlights at a yoga event in 2017.

It’s when I began to transition my social media account from just being about sharing pics of my life to promoting my health, fitness & yoga business & eventually changing my business to help other businesses with video & social media.

With a background in TV broadcasting I saw an epic opportunity. When Facebook 1st came out with video in 2016 Small business owners, artists, entrepreneurs had free advertising & easy ways to engage and grow community.

5 years ago not many businesses understood why that was relevant or important. Back then a lot of what I did was education.

Post pandemic the business landscape has changed & evolving rapidly - it’s much more obvious now why video is important & the power of social media to share our vision, voice & service.

It’s been a very up & down journey this entrepreneurial path. I haven’t met any entrepreneur or business owner who hasn’t had an up & down path!

Like everything there is a dark side to social media. One of them being that many will only show the success of growing a business online. This obviously creates a false sense of what it’s actually like.

For anyone just starting out, remember it takes time, there is no such thing as over night success (that’s sustainable anyway).

Remember many don’t show the days of doubt, insecurity or pain.

I’ve been an advocate of showing both sides of the journey from day one. Authenticity is what many of us long for. Permission to be human!

Are you an entrepreneur? What have you learned on your journey?

Do you consider becoming an entrepreneur? What motivates you to be one? Let me know in the comments!


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