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The Power of Your Energy

A choice of thought, a choice of an action or a choice of response!

It all emits a vibration - and that creates your reality!

We are made of information and energy, our frequency is an expression of our energetic stance.

Energy can vibrate at different levels of Frequency.

Frequencies are invisible waves of energy (Unless they fall within the spectrum of light that we call colours) and we are constantly interacting with them, seen and unseen!

When we are in low vibration of energy, they are felt as low emotions (energy in motion) - fear, doubt, jealousy, anger.

As 'like' energy attracts 'like' energy via resonance, if we are in low vibratory states, we will continue to attract situations, people and realities with like vibrations.

Raising the vibration within ourselves will increase levels of emotions to states of Love, Wisdom, Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Harmony and so on.

Our inner world therefore reflects our outward reality via resonance.

When we stretch, expand and #raisethevibe we take care of our own energy - and through osmosis, we will raise the vibration of the entire planet to states of harmony, abundance, love, joy and so on.

This is key to flowing with sustained success!

Your unique flow is a powerful force.


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