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The sweetness of doing nothing!

When was the last time you did nothing?

How do you feel about spending your time on nothing? Do you find it a challenge?

I know I used to! I also know it’s of great value in this new world.

Finding pleasure in sweet nothing is something I’ve often felt guilt over in my past as I’d been labeled as lazy or unproductive… so I kept my body and my mind busy.

I burned out more than a few times and came to realize I had no idea how to relax.

Since that awareness, I’ve been intentionally doing a whole lot of what the Italians call ‘dolce far niente’ / ‘sweetness of doing nothing, for the past several years, and more so this last month - I’ve been mostly offline.

It’s amazing what gets birthed out of nothingness - I thought I’d share some of my sweet nothings with you.

I have come to prioritize above all else, the connection I have with myself, and NO THING holds a wonderful space for this. ☺️

Sitting in nature, taking in a deep breath, staring off into the lake, field or falling leaf.

I’ve realized how nothing strengthens the connection I have to myself, my soul, and how that deeply serves all other connections in my life.

Including my online connections.

Social media is great for connecting, and overwhelming if we are not deeply connected to ourselves. Even if we are deeply connected to ourselves, we all need a break to do nothing!

Take a deep delicious breath and enjoy a little bit of nothing today 💗



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