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We All Have Super Powers

Do you have special gifts or super powers you once or still keep hidden?

I had an amazing gifts as a little one that I’m only starting to get back in touch with!

I was a prophetic dreamer, visionary and medium.

I could sense events before they would happen and see ‘the other side’ in my dreams.

The problem was I couldn’t make sense of it & it scared me.

When our family puppy drowned the day after I dreamt he would - I went into panic - not just because it was a traumatic event, but because I also dreamt of his death the night before.

I felt guilt, wondering if I could have prevented it and tried my best to convince myself I was just crazy and it didn’t really happen. From then on I shut down and I started living a lie.

I closed down my intuition and gifts and lead myself further and further away from my true self and far outside of my body.

In closing down I suffered debilitating migraines weekly for years and other body troubles.

I ignored all the wisdom by body was shouting at me over the years through relationships , business encounters, you name it.

A couple years before the pandemic I made a courageous act and finally listened to my intuition and left a long term relationship - that on the outside, and to those who didn’t really know me, looked ‘ideal’. I felt crazy for ending it, yet did it anyway.

The gentle voice called intuition repeated, ‘do what makes you feel most free’, it got so loud I could no longer ignore deny it.

I couldn’t ingore the feeling of being trapped any longer and took the leap into the scary unknown and fear of looking like a failure.

The problem was, I became so ungrounded in leaving that reality, realizing just how much the lie I had been living pervaded the rest of my life.

I was committed to finding me and living my souls purpose. I sold my house and spent some time in Costa Rica. I considered never leaving. However I made a promise not to ignore my intuition ever again (as crazy as it was) and when It whispered very clearly ‘it’s time to go home, your community awaits’ I thought, ‘Can’t I build community in CR?!’ Haha

Nope it was clear I had to go back to Canada.

As it turns out it was that night I arrived home I met my now business partner and soul family member serendipitously at a restaurant - we spent over an hour talking had the same vision and the next day began to lay a foundation for a new business based on what I and he foresaw would be needed in the near future.

We didn’t know it was going to be a global pandemic , but as empathic visionaries we both could feel something just as disruptive was about to occur. The day after we launched the website - the pandemic was declared in Toronto!

AND…I shut down again.

I couldn’t believe how accurate our copy, our position our insight was for what was occurring and how I saw business shifting.

My nervous system was not prepared to accommodate the massive vision.

It’s taking me some time to move through an intense dark night of the soul, heal some deeper wounds I didn’t know were preventing me from showing up consistently, expand my bandwidth and resurface to being truly visible and owning and sharing my gifts.

I would not be here today had it not been for the community and soul family I came home to.

When we really go for what we want and take big leaps, we will have lots to let go, we will get triggered and the chance to shut down will occur every time.

We must learn this sacred dance called ‘being human fulfilling a big soul mission’ in order to have sustained success in life or business and we must find an interdependent community. We truly can not do this alone!

I believe many of us have life experiences that requires us to ‘fit in’ and therefore eventually feel squeezed or trapped until we take that leap to break free and be way showers for others. Your story is the survival guide of your community!

Are you ready to get visible and share the real you!?

Work with me - learn the dance of going for your big vision and dream (if you don’t already know), walk in interdependent community support through your hurdles, build clarity & consistency with sharing your story, vision and truly being seen as outrageously you on video!

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