We All Have Super Powers

Do you have special gifts or super powers you once or still keep hidden?

I had an amazing gifts as a little one that I’m only starting to get back in touch with!

I was a prophetic dreamer, visionary and medium.

I could sense events before they would happen and see ‘the other side’ in my dreams.

The problem was I couldn’t make sense of it & it scared me.

When our family puppy drowned the day after I dreamt he would - I went into panic - not just because it was a traumatic event, but because I also dreamt of his death the night before.

I felt guilt, wondering if I could have prevented it and tried my best to convince myself I was just crazy and it didn’t really happen. From then on I shut down and I started living a lie.

I closed down my intuition and gifts and lead myself further and further away from my true self and far outside of my body.

In closing down I suffered debilitating migraines weekly for years and other body troubles.

I ignored all the wisdom by body was shouting at me over the years through relationships , business encounters, you name it.