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A Welcome Home Feeling

You have been taking a lot of risks. Some calculated and others illogical. You are coming to not just trust, but KNOW that when you leap with your heart, something will catch you and RISE you higher.

Photo Story - 4/3/23

I have just landed in a remote cabin on a private beach in Costa Rica, this is my first dip in the ocean (my backyard for the next 27 days) and it's perfectly timed at the golden hour. It's been a long drive. It's been a long and challenging couple of years. I feel the warm water and breeze like a warm hug inviting me to have a good long rest.

4 years ago I left this land that felt like paradise, on an illogical intuitive prompt to go back home. The little me believed I had nothing to go back for. The higher me followed the guidance to leave paradise. I was met with rude awakenings, grief and many hardships. I shed a lot of what was no longer true for me and connected to a deeper and truer love. I found paradise inside my heart and people to nurture my soul.

Last week I returned to the paradise land with one of those people. It felt like a big Welcome Home.



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