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What is your Personal Myth?

What is your personal myth?

We are all here playing out a character in the grand stage called life.

Some of us are the writers, crafting the reality of our individual character, and others of us are playing a character in another’s story…

That use to be me, not all that long ago, and I’m just starting to get my legs back.

I didn’t realize to what degree I was playing a role that did not resonate with my soul. I was fitting in to someone else’s story (multiple others stories) that did not make my heart sing and in fact felt as though I was being pulled in so many different directions it was exhausting.

I thought something was wrong with me.

I thought I was crazy for feeling dissatisfied in what I was conditioned to believe was ideal.

I can tell you when you don’t take a stand, grab the pen and become your own writer of your soul story, shit will hit the mother fucking fan!

In my case a rug was ‘pulled’ out from under me (I like to believe it was an angel that did this) and I fell to the ground snapped my ankle in 3 places and dislocated it.

I knew this was putting me on my ass for a good reason!

Even though I had grabbed the pen a while before, the shame, guilt and doubt I had for taking that action had me looping the old story that was written for me … even though I was in a new play.

Today I’m grateful for waking up in my new play guilt free, for honouring my unique myth, play and soul path. This is freedom, this is truth, this is for the greatest good of all.

For anyone in the middle of re-writing your story, I honour your courage, it can feel very lonely - know you aren’t alone and the world needs your unique myth at play!

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