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When Magic enters your life to remind you of itself.

A memory from 2 years ago came up on Facebook the other day, and it called for a little story share of this scene (in the picture) and the gifts this morning gave me.

It is called ‘When Magic enters your life to remind you of itself.’

I was going through a particularly challenging period of my life. I woke up most mornings during this time feeling very down. It was a struggle to get out of bed most days.

I decided it might be a good idea to commit to waking up with the sun and allow the colours and essence of the shift from dark to light inspire me.

This had been a rough week and I was feeling especially hopeless and confused.

Still, I allowed my alarm to pull me out of bed and drive to the beach just down the road in time to set up my hammock to greet the morning.

I was feeling especially out of sorts this day and when I arrived to my usual spot, something very unusual was present.

A beautifully made unattended fire. With not one person in sight.

On a cool summer morning the smell of burning wood, the sound of the sparks and crackles, the warmth, the magic of the whole setting invited me in like a much-needed nurturing blanket welcoming me home. It was as if it was there waiting for me.

I love fires on the beach at sunrise.

It was with that feeling of appreciation, I paused to consider that this might be the first time I’d experienced this very thing that I love.

The next consideration I had was - what else do I love that I have not yet experienced? What else might there be waiting for me that I had not planned?

I’ve always believed in magic. I’d really grown to love the mystery of life. But it had been a while since I was really wowed by magic and felt safe with mystery. This morning cracked me open just enough and gave me just what I needed to be pulled through that darker period of my life. It reminded me of the magic available all of the time, and the value and importance of mystery.

Magic is something we co-create and mystery is the nature of human existence, and something we must accept. By staying open to possibility and allowing a feeling to shift our attitude, we can experience this magic all of the time. Through our ups and downs, it is a choice. Magic is not so extraordinary or fanciful as we may tend to think, it’s ordinary, and it’s here always.

Even if you are in a cycle of doubt or hopelessness, I hope this story gifts you something special in this present.



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