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You are invited to a Real Reel Challenge!

Day 1/13 #RealReelChallenge - who wants to join? You can join anytime you see this, it’s totally free and the main idea is to just show up as you are with the intention to connect authentically! Share a little bit each day from your heart. What’s got you inspired or feeling challenged, what insight or aha did you have in your day? I believe the future of marketing is going to continue looking very different than it has in the past. As our world continues to change at rapid rates - I believe our priorities and values are shifting as well, in business and life. Online and offline. Consistency, authenticity and deep connection will be at the core of success for businesses and brands. Confidently showing up just as you are is def an important skill in this new world! Comment below if you will join this challenge or follow along! on Instagram @SaraDiFlow or TikTok!

AND - I have a free video with my top 4 tips for video confidence and connection here.




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