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You aren't losing your mind. You are Transforming.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

It will feel like you are losing your mind as you transform from old ways of being to new ways. Don’t panic, but do find your people. Find a community of people you trust and want around you as you navigate the mess of transformation. We have never been here before. At this point in evolution. Where the whole world is under an epic messy transformation. Where more light and love shine on the planet revealing our cracks, wounds & just how crazy things have been here. It's disorienting, sad, and unfair. We intellectually understand we are all connected, yet our bodies are being triggered all over the place and we haven’t been educated on how to fully descend into them - so we keep wanting out.

The only way to evolve is to scale consciousness and embody peace, joy & gratitude.

(Higher frequency emotions). But first, we must embrace the density without judgment. This is how we descend to ascend.

* Here is a video briefly describing this theme for 2022 to scale consciousness.

Our old outdated programmed mind will struggle to let go and let the heart lead in seemingly illogical ways. It will struggle to merge with all that is and want to stay separate where it feels ‘safe’. The paradox is that this is actually where we are the most unsafe. Staying in your box 📦, contracting, goes against the expanding energy of the universe. In order to flow, we must keep stretching with the pull of our hearts. It will take us to places that are illogical and non-linear. Trust is a must. If you are looking for support with the art of flow in your life or business, email me.

If you are looking for support immediately and on a search for your peeps, join the flow team in this first free video module of The Hero's Journey.

We also have a free facebook community. @FlowNetworkCommunity

What's your level of Flow today? - Free 5 Levels of Flow Assessment



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