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Your aligned focus is your greatest power!

Align, Shine & Make more money on & offline.

All businesses must master the art of video presence for 2022 and beyond.

It can be overwhelming to know ‘the best’ practices. With is so much noise and conflicting information it can be hard to stay focused.

The deepest truth however is - it’s your resonance that sells. You are the focus.

Aside from referrals, videos are the best way to build trust, connect and convert. Wether you are looking for more team engagement, recruiting, education or making a sale.

Consumers, employees, investors - they want to FEEL you, SEE you and KNOW you before they make a decision.

Even IF it’s a referral, chances are they will want to check you out online first.

Your energy, your resonance is what sells!

My align and shine program will help you build the confidence to show up on video and shine - and even have some fun.

You will have safe practice space and brainstorm with other professionals and understand the true power of aligning your energy.

You will also walk away with creative ideas for content and how to best connect with your market.

We start in July. More details at



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