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Your growth or shine may scare others. Don't let it stop you.

Want to start sharing your authentic voice on social media yet afraid to ‘come out’ as you are now to your old world?

I get this, and been with many others who feel the same way. It’s amazing how much we don’t do because of our fears of what others will think.

The thing about your ‘authentic voice’ is its always evolving and changing. Sometimes we mess up, we fail and that’s okay. That’s our nature. Those who fail forward have the riches lives!

Sometimes the old world, your old circle, is uncomfortable by you no longer being the person they wanted you to be.

Don’t let this make you feel uncomfortable to explore the new you!

Sometimes we need to be choosy with whom we share ourselves with in order to feel safe to explore. That’s okay.

If you do choose to ‘block’ someone, it can be done from a space of self-love. If they love you, they will understand and give you all the space & time you need!

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