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MY GOLD STORY- A Journey from Dark to Light

A story of being totally stripped naked. My path to authenticity.

A journey of transformation and the challenges I faced in accepting who I came into this world to be, and what I hope to leave behind when I’m gone.

This is a journey of unraveling thousands of generations of programming about what it means to be a woman, to be human and to be set free.

The Full Story can be found in the Gold Issue of  The United Colours of Design Magazine 

Out of the Re-birth came, you can see the Vision her

(although it's evolving every day).

I believe we are currently in what has been referred to as The Transformation Economy, you can watch the video here.

Email ~ For Podcast Interviews, Speaking Events, Workshops, Art or 1:1 guidance for Visibility with Video 

Birth - Golden Rebirth Series

Birth(36" x 24") $333

Death (Egg) - The Golden Rebirth Series

Death (Egg) (16" x 16") $99

Rebirth - The Golden Rebirth Series

Rebirth (16" x 16") $99

Sara Smiles

Sara Smile's (20"x16") $99

Eagle Arms

Eagle Arms (36" x 24") $333

Heart Opener

Heart Opener (36" x 24") $333