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Visibility, Leadership & Transformation

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When you intend for something - you must also intend to be ready to receive it. And also to let go of HOW that process might look... and what might need to be released!

5 years ago I journeyed outside my comfort zone with the actual act of stripping myself naked to be painted in gold and have photos taken of me - with the energetic intention to step into my authentic leadership and commit to being more visible.

After this shoot, I was in disbelief at what I had actually done as I look at the pictures of myself I'd taken on my cell phone later that day. Is that really me? Did I really just do that!?

I had a momentary feeling of liberation - If I can do this, I can do anything!

Oh, denial is a powerful thing. I was oblivious to the inner transformational journey I was headed for. That liberated feeling was fleeting.

Taking action in the outer world is great, but it's the inner work that really counts! As much inner work as I'd been doing previously, the intention I set for myself set me on a whole new trajectory!

This was the start of a much deeper journey and the biggest transformation to date.

This month my article was released in the @unitedcoloursofdesignmagazine business section as a new columnist for 'Colours of Visibility'. I shared a raw and real Gold Story. One that had my whole world fall apart!

It's a stunningly beautiful magazine for colour lovers around the globe that mixes business and art. Three of my favourite things!

The online subscription is currently free!

My story is on page 77

5 years later and I now empower others to step into their leadership & visibility as well as nurture the inner journey that goes hand and hand with this process.

- If you are looking for a guide, mentor, coach I have a 1:1 spot open for this month. Send me a DM for a free chat to see if we would be a great fit to work together.



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