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MarkeTelling™️ Group Program Jan 2024 Announcement

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

More and more heart-centred, natural born leaders and creatives are feeling the fire within to use their voice , share their talents and gifts more than ever in these times.

At the same time these very folks doubt themselves or are repelled by social media, old world marketing and leadership strategy AND/OR stuck or unclear how to use social media to sell

or market themselves in a way that actually feels good.

I get it, I’ve battled with the same stuff… but the reality is our culture is here… on social media…the face of marketing. We need to bring soul, heart, hope and art to the online space with passion and ferocity.

More and more people are beginning to live consciously and on purpose. These relatively new conversations and ways of BEing are becoming solidly grounded by the ones who’ve been gaining wisdom through hardship. This is the rise of the creative class. There is a whole new way to lead and market.

Yes the online world is a noisy one, AND yet I know the lovingly, fierce and empowered hearts vibrate the loudest. The unseen impacts the greatest.

I'm excited to announce I am for the first time creating a MarkeTelling™️ Group Program for Jan 2024!

Follow along for enrolment details or reach out to me if you have any questions! either here on my blog of my social channels - @saradiflow



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