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MarkeTelling ™️- Visibility that soothes the soul

A new wave of business is washing away the old outdated ways that many of us are tired of.

What used to work, is not working anymore.

Sharing your bank statements, playing into fomo or scarcity games are not for you.

From ‘Bro-Marketing’ to Flow Marketing.

I needed to make up my own game in order to enjoy showing up online!

- Its called MarkeTelling TM. I think it will be very refreshing for others who feel the same as me.

It’s a Holistic approach to marketing, sales and leadership for the heart-centred artist or business owner looking to grow, glow & flow online.

This is for the leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs who know they have something powerful to sell - and want to do it in a way that feels aligned with their soul.

Part of you might feel like there is too much noise out there in the online world and impossible to stand out.

But you know it’s your time to shine, and there ain’t no one like you! It’s time to share your story, art, work or vision with your peeps!

I have spent the past 10 + years observing the trends of business online and invested tens of thousands of dollars in business and spiritual coaches to find THE ‘ best way’… only to find time and again, the only way is YOUR unique way.

I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and the root of what makes someone successful or not.

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners and artists over the years to build their confidence in showing up online and on video. I’ve seen the barriers that come up and developed the skill to work through it.

I’ve created my own approach to a ‘go-to-market’ strategy, which works for those who are new to the online world, and the ones who’ve been in it for a while and just not getting the results they’d hoped for.

Taking on 2 more 1:1 clients in April for anyone looking for a guide for this kind of holistic go-to-market strategy.

- dm me if you want to set up a free call to chat about being a good fit to work together.



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