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Marketing from The Mat - New Yoga Series with Sara

What does yoga have to do with Marketing?

Join me on the Mat Tuesday 9 am LIVE on @FlowNetwork99 to find out more and experience for yourself :)

Practice duration - 20 - 30 min

This is a new series emerging, the next evolution of The Yoga Flow Show. I will be LIVE with you starting off with a short 5ish min chat before we get into practice.

My teaching style is rooted in breathe, imagination, and energetic intention.

I believe we are all in the business of marketing, sales, and leadership in this new world - this and more we will chat about on the mat, and then enjoy a potent practice of breathing, dreaming and moving together.

Hope to see you Tuesday 9am on Facebook @FlowNetwork99

The class is still free, however, replays will only be available for clients and members.

To stay updated on my member's portal launch - join my newsletter -

The members portal isn't quite ready, but it will be in the coming week and have some other gems included!


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