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Resonance Sells in your Marketing

In the realm where marketing meets art,

I coined a phrase, a kind of fresh start.

“Resonance sells,” the mantra rings clear,

In MarkeTelling’s flow, there’s nothing to fear.

No bro marketing, no push, no shove,

Just be yourself, lead with love.

Tell your story, let it unfold,

Break free from stories, limiting and old.

Authentic energy, a magnetic force,

Drawing in souls on a mutual course.

No need for power, fear, or deceit,

Resonance sells, in harmony sweet.


Years ago, I introduced the concept of “resonance sells” as a cornerstone of my MarkeTelling™️ Methodology. This approach emphasizes authentic self-expression over old school tactics, focusing on genuine connection rather than manipulation.

By being true to yourself, sharing your story, and overcoming limiting beliefs, you can attract the right people naturally. In today’s sensitive landscape, authentic energy speaks volumes, making content creation available to anyone. Simply be yourself, share your story, and showcase your unique gifts to resonate with your audience authentically.

I love this video as a powerful visual for this concept. Something that I’m so happy to see becoming more and more mainstream!



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