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SHeEO Global Summit Toronto

There is a massive pivot taking place on the planet - waking everyone up.

Leading this pivot, are women and heart-centered creatives.

10 days ago, I had my first SheEO experience.

In hindsight, post-isolation shut-down OMGness, the ShEO event came off without a hitch, just days before the doors were shut to similar events, across Canada and the entire planet.

Presented with this serendipitous window-of-opportunity, 100's of women were able to connect, inspire and sustain the trajectory established over the last 5 years addressing one of the most pressing issues in business at this point in history "Lighting up the inherent Power that is Women in Business."

Her I am sharing behind the scenes highlights from this first Global Summit.

SheEO is a radically redesigned ecosystem with a mission to support 1 million women entrepreneurs with a perpetual fund of $1 Billion.

SheEO supports ventures that are sustainable, profitable and working on the World’s To Do list, solving the challenges facing us today and tomorrow.

Founded in Canada by Vicki Saunders in 2015, SheEO now supports ventures all over the world!



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