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The pissed Ego

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Are you noticing your ego is really not happy about your current life situation?

Are you feeling a bit of a war inside because of this?

When you tune into your higher self however, it is feeling super pleased and happy it’s finally been able to get you to where you are… to feel what needs to be felt, to see what needs to be seen and to hear what needs to be heard. AND It’s really not interested in a war.

It’s a place of surrender to what is - how fragmented you’ve actually been most of your life. At war with what you really want, and what you think you wanted. You’ve denied, suppressed and disowned parts of you that were screaming to be heard.

If we stay focused on the lack of control the ego feels, we will suffer a lot.


When we focus on the voice of the higher-self gifting us serenity, liberation and deep wisdom, we will find peace - however stormy things may seem on the surface.

It’s up to us to go deep inside and tune into the wisdom the higher self is trying to show the ego… with so much patience and care it’s always been there.

The thing is this ‘crossroads’, ‘jump point’ in evolution is to understand that WE ARE THE CREATORS of our reality. We create with our words, with our thoughts, with our feelings (conscious or unconscious). We are co-creators broadcasting our world into existence in every single moment. The higher-self is always trying to show us what we’ve been unconsciously creating - so we can choose different.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness, however painful it looks or feels.

You are not alone.

Accept what was, Love what Is and Allow the power to choose differently liberate you moving forward.

Today I will share ONE of the Stories I have witnessed for myself.

Ego - “It’s not safe for me to ask for what I need or want (including asking for help), because I’ll actually end up taking on more than I can bare. Because people/life can’t give me what I need - actually people/life end up taking from me… until I have nothing left to give. “

The higher-self whispers - “what you want, wants you. Dare to ask, dare to dream, dare to be seen! “

Let me know with a heart ❤️ if you resonate with this story at all or you feel your ego is 😤 pissed.

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