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The power of letting go

Letting go isn’t always easy, yet it really is essential.

I have held on to who I thought I was for far too long, I held myself back from expanding, healing, grieving and growing - all in the name of staying small and from finding out who I truly was.

I use to think the changes I needed to make and time it would take was selfish, I soon learned not making those changes was actually bringing more harm to myself and those around me.

Before making those changes - Life felt heavy, complicated, overwhelming and something I was always trying to escape and numb out.

Grieving & Letting go of who I was NOT has allowed me to recover and remember who I really am.

Allowing my life to become increasingly simplistic has enriched my soul in ways that endlessly fulfil my heart 💕 and in turn those souls I choose to surround me.

Keep choosing you and creating from your heart.

Life is a beautiful art.



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